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etymology - Why is putting some spin on a ball described in ...

It is derived from the actions that the player makes to cause the ball to spin -- the extra gestures, physical effort and "oomph" we know as "body english." We call those contortions "body english," incidentally, because such physical gestures (waving your hands, hopping up and down, etc.) are sometimes used to boost to the expressive effect of our spoken English.

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What’s the origin of "English," the kind you put on a ball ...

So, while “body English” is what we do after the ball is in motion, the term “English” is reserved to describe motion actually put on the ball by its spin. What do the English call “English”? “Side.”. As in “Don’t hit it in the center, hit in on the …”.

How To Kyrie Irving BALL SPIN LAYUPS! Basketball Scoring ...

In this tutorial you'll learn how to do Kyrie Irving BALL SPIN LAYUPS with some simple basketball scoring drills!3 Things Keeping You From Scoring Around The...

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Spin Basketball is fun basketball game suitable for all ages. The aim of the game is simple, just get the basketball to the hoop and you are done. Collect coins on the way for more points. Avoid spikes. Clear all levels and become a Basketball Master!

Why Do Basketball Shooters Put Spin On The Ball?

A shot with the opposite sort of spin will tend to roll forward as it hits a surface, which is another thing basketball players are taught to do, in a different context.

English (on a ball, etc.) « The Word Detective

In billiards, “English” is applied by striking the ball with the cue stick slightly off-center, causing the ball to spin and take a curved, rather than straight, path. The same technique is also called “side,” especially in Britain, because the ball is struck slightly to one side.